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The Forest Way

The Forest Way is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing retreat opportunities conducive to spiritual growth that is both balanced and integrated. To support this vision, we lead retreats and training programs that focus on practicing insight meditation, cultivating the skillful emotions of love, compassion, and serenity, and experiencing the non-dual dimension of life. The Forest Way also provides opportunities to engage in projects designed to support a unified vision of spirituality in the world.

Skechers Shoes in Australia

Skechers Shoes in Australia

Skechers has been a staple in the world of athletic and recreational shoes since 1992 when CEO Robert Greenberg and his son created the company to provide people with quality shoes that were exciting styles and were also comfortable and affordable, too. They have been innovative and unique since the beginning and aren’t showing any signs of stopping any time soon. Well, this time their creativity and ability to provide a shoe that people genuinely love is no different.

Skechers shoes has done it again. They have released a shoe that brings a Simon-like game wherever your child goes. It beeps while you are playing the game and can be turned on silent when need be. Get this, though- they wear their entertainment on their feet. When the shoes premiered at a gigantic technology show in early 2015, the crowd went wild and the advance orders started pouring in for the Game Kicks shoes. The shoes let the wearer play for eight rounds, keeping the occupied for a good amount of time and can be played in the car, waiting for the bus, or even during recess at school. Your child will definitely be the talk of the playground with these awesome, colorful, fun shoes. No more carrying bulky games with you everywhere you go, you can just walk around in them! The best part is that these shoes can be turned off at any time to make sure that your child doesn’t get in trouble during academic time. 

Skechers shoes’ Game Kicks allow a whopping 68,000 combinations of patterns and can help improve your kid’s memory by making them remember what comes next, while still remaining safe even if they get damp. Skechers walking shoes from http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/brand-skechers Game Kicks are truly one of the most innovative styles of shoes that have come out in a long time, and are definitely the first interactive shoes that have come out on the market. These shoes will be the talk of every kid’s class and soon more kids will be able to sit around and share the fun with their own Skechers Game Kicks. The female variety is called the Game Kicks Bungee Sneakers and the male version is called the Damager Game Kicks. They are out on the shelves as of January 2015.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Basics

Cord Blood Banking Basics
Importance of Cord Blood Banking Storing cord blood is important for several reasons. First, cord blood is extremely useful for treating a variety of ailments. The stem cell rich nature of cord blood means it can be used to treat a wide range of life threatening diseases. More importantly, cord blood is extremely difficult to obtain. Cord blood is only available for collection during the first few minutes after a child is born. Once this moment has passed so has the opportunity for collection. Finally, cord blood collection at birth is the only way to ensure a 100% genetic match should an individual require donation services.

Public Vs. Private Cord Blood Storage 

There are two means of cord blood banking via www.cellcare.com.au. Public banks offer free collection and anonymous storage. This blood is then used for general public well being. This includes use for research and for a variety of treatment programs. The downside of public storage is that donating to a public bank does not ensure that the cord blood will be available for the donor or their family should the need arise.
Private banks on the other hand ensure that cord blood will be available for the use of the donor or the donor’s family should they require stem cell related medical services. Of course the private nature of these services means that there is an associated private cost.

cord blood

Private cord banks will charge an initial collection fee as well as a monthly or annual storage fee. How is Cord Blood Collected

Regardless of which option a family may choose when it comes to cord blood banking, the collection process itself is exactly the same. In most cases, the collecting facilities will need to be contacted several weeks in advance. This provides the facility with enough time to ensure that the proper paperwork and precollection testing has been completed.

The physical collection of the cord blood itself is a relatively simple process. After the babies umbilical cord has been cut or clamped the attending doctor or nurse will insert a needle directly into the umbilical vein. Once the blood has been drawn from the vein it will be quickly handed off to a courier who will then transport the sample to the previously selected bank. The stem cells are then separated from the rest of the blood and stored in liquid nitrogen until they are needed.