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The Forestway is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing retreat opportunities conducive to spiritual growth that is both balanced and integrated. To support this vision, we lead retreats and training programs that focus on practicing insight meditation, cultivating the skillful emotions of love, compassion, and serenity, and experiencing the non-dual dimension of life. The Forestway also provides opportunities to engage in projects designed to support a unified vision of spirituality in the world.

Shopping For Hair Extensions

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Shopping For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular, with many women wearing hair extensions full-time. This surge in popularity is mostly due to the quality of hair extensions being better than ever. Nowadays, hair extensions can look so realistic that nobody but you will know that you are wearing the extensions at all.

When shopping for hair extensions, there are some important things to consider. Hair extensions come in every color, style, quality and price, and it is essential that you know exactly what kind of hair extensions you want as there are more options than ever to choose from.

1. Long Term Extensions Vs. Short Term Extensions

The first thing that you need to decide is whether or not you are going to be wearing these extensions long term, as opposed to wearing them for a specific event. If you plan on wearing them long term, it is especially important to opt for the highest quality permanent extensions you can find.

If, however, you want to wear extensions for an event or just for a day, you can purchase clip-in extensions. Eden Clip in hair extensions are painless, more affordable and can be easily clipped into place whenever you feel like adding length and volume to your hair.


2. Color Choice

Extensions come in any color. You can choose to experiment with colors different from your natural hair, or keep it natural.

If you want hair extensions which blend in with the rest of your hair, you may want to consider asking the manufacturer for multiple samples if ordering online. If you are buying extensions in a store or having them done at a salon, make sure you that see the extensions in bright light to ensure a proper match.

3. Quality

Quality is everything. Especially if you are going for permanent extensions, high-quality human hair is key. The higher the quality of your extensions, the longer they will last and the more natural they will look. High-quality hair extensions will cost more, but the cost will be worth it as they will need to be replaced far less often.

If you are planning to shop for hair extensions, ask yourself these three questions to ensure that you make the best decision possible. Good hair extensions will enhance your own hairstyle and look realistic enough that no one will believe they’re not natural.